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I started this last week here so I will try to continue, if time allows

SAP Mentor moya.watson starts off with showing you how to add twitter to your profile

raquel.pereiradacunha, SAP Mentor, provides SAP Inside Track São Paulo Functional 2017 – Wrap up while 197f0f77709544a3bdebe98a55f527bb provides a blog in Portuguese.  On Tuesday, SAP Mentor Alum c436ae948d684935a91fce8b976e5aa7 talks passionately about Free, Yes Free SAP Courses from OpenSAP.

Tuesday started with SAP Leonardo Live with SAP Mentors attending in person and some of us online.  tamas.szirtes provides a recap here.  He covers success stories, what is included, and his own point of view.  The replays are available, but you if don’t have time to watch the replays, be sure to read Tamas’s summary.  r.eijpe provides quotes from the event.  I was able to watch some of this online, and interestingly there was an “influencer” board where I was 40th, SAP Mentor Alum Fred Verheul was 49th and the @SAPMentors twitter account was 52.

Last week I helped set up an ASUG Webcast titled "Agile Self-Service Reporting with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio at Tetra Pak" - you can catch the replay here.  Sergei Leschinsky, Tetra Pak, shared how they went from lead time to approval of 118 days to 9.5 days:

Source: Tetra Pak

bfeeb8ed7fa64a7d95efc21f74a8c135 writes about the Google Egg.  Paul is a judge in the SAP + Google Cloud Intelligence App Contest.  I fully blame Paul for Lionel Richie songs going through my head now.  Why?  Read his blog to find out.

On Thursday, July 13th, Derek Loranca was one of the speakers, along with ASUG BI Volunteer Jennifer Cofer in one of last week's ASUG Webcast, "Meet the Customer Speakers for BI+Analytics Conference" .   You can watch a replay here.  I posted a short summary here.  Derek says it is a family reunion of “BI Nerds”.  Below are the hot topics for the conference next month in Nashville:


Also on Thursday, July 13th, steinermatt was featured in a video for SAP TechEd (another “family reunion”, coined by Mark Yolton, of the SAP Community:

Interestingly, without any promotion, this also appeared in my YouTube feed from SAP Mentor ihilgefort from last Thursday:

On Saturday, SAP Mentor wrote about Use Regular Expression to parse the image reference in the markdown source code.  It is amazing how Jerry contributes and shares his knowledge.

Also on Saturday, SAP Mentor Alum jon.reed posts some thoughtful replies to blogs by Brian Ellefritz’s blog “My Next Challenge Head of SAP Community” and Timo Elliott’s “Hey SCN What’s Wrong with Marketing, No Really”.  It is good to see Jon back commenting on the site.

I wrote about Industry and LoB Content for SAP Analytics Cloud Webcast Recap, where SAP offers free content for you to get started with SAP Analytics Cloud

Closing credits....

What other SAP Mentor moments did I miss from last week?

Preview for this week - SAP Mentor Peter McNulty set up this ASUG Webcast: Crafting and Executing Your Enterprise API Strategy with SAP Cloud Platform and API Management  - there's still time to register.
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