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Yesterday we had a great discussion with one of our SAP Mentor tony.dethomasis2 on Public mentor Monday APJ special about his latest SAP - Press book about custom code management tools.

He shared high level overview of all custom code management tools. He also showcased some of the tools in live system. Thanks to Tony for sharing knowledge with us.

I have already shared few custom code management tools (CDMC, CCLM) with all in scn. Through this document, I would like to share some of additional learning which I got from Tony’s session.

GUI for Custom Code Analysis Use Cases

All custom code analysis tools for  various custom code management use cases are bundled under single roof.  You can get all this by using the tcode /SDF/CD_CCA or with the report  /SDF/CD_CUSTOM_CODE_CONN_GUI.

This transaction code available in all the managed system ( delivered by the ST-PI from level 2008_1).  But You must have authoirsation (auth object S_ADMI_FCD) to execute the report and also you must implemented major correction instructions for custom code management tools.

Clone finder

It is the similarity analysis tool , One of the best tool used by developers to get the zprograms cloned from sap standard, specially after the SAP upgrade its very difficult to adjust these clones, using this clone finder you can identify the clones and its reference level (percentage of its similarity).

It is also useful for administrators and managers to get the list of clones are available in entire system landscape at central place. The results of clone finder used in the CCLM severity app, to identify the number of independent object ( the object totally differ the most from SAP standard objects).

Other options like compare and identify the similarity of zprograms from source system to the same program in the other system also available.

Just like to add that, clone finder is started as a community project. it is one of the successful code exchange idea space project. You can get the details of history behind the tool here,

SAP Interface and Dynamic reference analysis

It helps to identify the linkage usage, It lists out all the custom objects way of linking to the SAP interfaces.( like class,table,Badi, Interface). Some of the use case like identify the custom enhancement implements SAP BADI.

The results are used in the CCLM severity app to identify the number of custom enhancement with interfaces ( severity level of 1 and 2).

Modification analysis

This helps to list of sap standard programs where customer added their own coding, it lists the corresponding transport request.

Tcode similarity

We can say it’s the Transaction clone finder, just helps to identify the ztransaction codes similar to the sap standard  transaction codes. After you identify the similar clone, remove or made actions against your z tcode which is similar to sap.

Top 20 customer object

It helps to identify most used z reports, modifications, transactions.

SAP - Press book for custom code management

It was only 15 min, he tried to give as much details with in the allotted time, we can get more information about these tools on the sap press book. I haven't get the book yet, after looking at the features, its sure we will buy the book soon. :smile:

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