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                    RSW_RATE_GET_BASIC                                To get exchange rate for combination of source and targetcurrency for defined exchange rate type

                  WEEK_GET_FIRST_DAY                                 First day of week

                DATA_TO_PERIOD_CONVERT                     To derive period from Date

                RSAPO_SWITCH_BATCH_TO_TRANS          To change Transactional cube to basic cube & basic cube to tran cube


                BAPI_USER_ACTGROUPS_ASSIGN          To assign Roles to User

                BAPI_USER_GET_DETAILS                           To get User Details

                SUPRN_INS_OR_DEL_PROFILE                  To insert or delete a Profile

                RSBCTDPE_GET_ROLE_FOR_USER            To see Roles per User

                BP_EVENT_RAISE                                            To raise an EVENT

                RSDTM_ICD_DATA_DOWNLOAD             To Download data from Infocube

                RSPC_API_CHAIN_START                            To Start process Chain

                RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH                                To finish any process in Process Chain

                RSDMD_DEL_MASTER_DATA                     To delete Master Data

                RSMDM_MD_ACTIVATE                               To activate Master Data

                BAPI_IOBJ_CREATE                                         To Create Infoobjects

                BAPI_IOBJ_REORG                                          To reorganise Infoobjects

                BAPI_IPAK_START                                           To start Infopackage

                BAPI_IPAK_CHANGE                                     To Change Infopackage

                BAPI_IPAK_GET_DETAIL                               To get details of Infopackage

                RSSM_GET_REQUEST_STATUS                  To get request Status

                BAPI_ISREQUEST_GETSTATUS                   To get request status

                FILE_GET_NAME                                              To get file Name.

                RSW_RATE_GET_BASIC                                To Currency Translation

                RSAOS_METADATA_UPLOAD                    To Replicate datasources selectively

                RSDRD_DELETE_FACTS                                  To delete data selectively

                RSDU_CHECK_PKEY_FACTTAB_DB6        Checks the partitioning key for the fact table of an InfoCube.

                RSDU_CHECK_PKEY_ODSTAB_DB6         Checks the partitioning key for an ODS table.

                RSDU_CHECK_PKEY_PSATAB_DB6          Checks the partitioning key for a PSA table

                RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ                              To read data from Infocubes

                RSPC_API_CHAIN_SCHEDULE                    To raise an event from R/3 source system


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