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Maybe when you execute a message mappping with the character & the error  "Unable to display tree view; Error when parsing an XML document (The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.)" is returned.

The solution for this problem is simple, just develop the java mapping for change the character & by &. 



In your Message Mapping, in the tab Functions copy and past the code below int the area Attributes and Methods, (or if you prefer, create a java mapping in NWDS with the same code, works the same way).

public void transform(TransformationInput transformationInput, TransformationOutput transformationOutput) throws StreamTransformationException {
try {
InputStream inputstream = transformationInput.getInputPayload().getInputStream();
OutputStream outputstream = transformationOutput.getOutputPayload().getOutputStream();

byte[] b = new byte[inputstream.available()];;
String encoding ="UTF-8";
String inputXML=new String(b);

inputXML = inputXML.replaceAll("&(?!amp;)", "&");

} catch (Exception exception) {
throw new StreamTransformationException(exception.toString());



Open your Message Mapping (or operation mapping if you create a jar in NWDS), in Text View, fill the field with the & and run a test.

I hope I have collaborated with the community, and I await your feedback.

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