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In this blog, I am going to explain how we achieved calculating the number of days in a month, without using the date field in the HANA Calculation view, by using a simple formula. This was a requirement from one of our customers and we had achieved it only by using the month field.

Main Problem:

In HANA Modeler, we have the following formula to find the number of days in a month or last day in a month, if the date field is available.


But in case if the date field is not available, what could be the solution? This blog shows the solution here with a simple formula.


To achieve the solution, the below steps need to be followed:

  1. Convert the Year field to an integer, by using the below formula in a Calculated Column:


2. In this step, we can see how the number of days in February can be derived for both Leap and Non-Leap Years. I have defined two formulae here as follows in the Calculated Column:

Formula 1:

if((("Year_int" %  100)=0 AND ("Year_int" %  400)=0) OR ("Year_int" % 4 = 0 ),'29','28')

Refer to the screenshot below:

Formula 2: if("Year_int" % 100 = 0,if("Year_int" %  400=0,29,28),if("Year_int" %  4=0,29,28))

Refer to the screenshot below:

3. And here goes the final step. Use the below formula in the Calculated Column, as shown in the screenshot:

Formula: if("month"='01'or "month"='03'or "month"='05'or "month"='07'or "month"='08'or "month"='10'or "month"='12',31,(if("month"='02',"Leap_Feb",30)))

In the above formula, the month field should contain values from ‘01’ till ‘12’.

The values that appear in the Data Preview is shown below against few example periods:


So, we have got the number of days in a month without using the date field and I hope this blog should have clearly made you understand the steps and formulae involved to achieve this. For further information on why I used the formulae in this blog, kindly check the link in the Reference section. Feel free to post your comments if you have any other ideas to achieve this.

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