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Hello experts, to continue with the collection of publications about solution manager verification that you have to do after Solution Manager Installation to reduce the effort and problems while setup any scenario, now is turn of "Own System" verification, before post was "connections", "diagnostics agents, BI/BW, System Landscape and VAR setup".

The rule is simple, after basis team give you the access to the system, that collection is a list of checklist to check if there is any error on the installation and/or infrastructure. I use an Excel with all that checks and with only 2 hours you can check if some port is not open, if the diagnostic agents don't have the correct version, some essential user or rfc connection are missing or not working, etc...

It's true that all that verification have to be done after the solution manager installation, but as Solution Manager is a complex system (connected to sap, dual stack, a lot of RFC connections, ... ) is usually to find something wrong after the installation of the system if between the start of installation and the end something has changed.

Lets got to see that overview of verifications that you have to do that affect only the solution manager system.


ConnectionsDiagnostics AgentsAuthorizationsBI/BWCRM
Own JobsCentral Correction NoteSaprouterServices SICFSLD/LMDB
Solution ManagerSP Components statusCommunication portsjava stackSystem LandScape

Solman Experts Useful Content:

Diagnostics agents checks:

IDverificationsap noteDescription
1RTCCTOOL69455That is the name of the report for "Service Readiness check", to see if all prerequisites are fullfilled, you can find moreinformation on sap note 69455;

Some functionalists on SAP Solution Manager and CRM are based on the system role, if the system role is not flagged as productive the behavior will not bee the same as if the system is productive, that affect some system jobs, CRM queues manage process, etc... i will update affected functionalists and update here when i find the documentation.

Also it is important to protect the live client to avoid changes directly in productive, that's important if you work with a 2/3 systems landscape.

3Instance Profile1582842

Check that Instance profile parameters are correct as indicated on sap 1582842 , ogin/create_sso2_ticket, login/accept_sso2_ticket, icm/host_name_full, ....

4Work Center

Check that the parameter to improve Work Center Performance is activated.

Around 80% of Solution Manager Management is bases on dammed Work Centers, is important to tune up the system to increase work Center performance, friend vivek.hegde2 wrote about that in that post, i test "logon group" and "central data cache".

5IBaseBefore to start solman_setup configuration, is important to clean IBASE entries that can be loaded from some jobs automatically, i clean it to avoid duplicate entries. Most of new solman installations ibase have to be empty before finish solman_setup procedures.
6ICM1252944 Check ICM profile parameter as indicate sap note 1252944 to avoid problems on trace collections.
7SHMM1281896Check Shared memory values are correct in RZ10, you can use transaction SHMM the current values and change if from RZ10 if is needed, the correct values are indicated on sap note 1281896
8Self diagnosticsIt's true that after the System installation you will never see self diagnostics on green status or without any red warning (i never see that 😉 ), but it's useful to run it once and check if there are any important warning to take in consideration for your scenarios.

Configuration Store is used to save configuration data, it's important to check under work center Solution Manager Administrations -> Infrastructure -> on menu select administration ->  Configure Change Database, and check system logs to analyse errors, CCDB is essentially for Change Analysis, Configuration Check,

SAP Library - SAP Solution Manager

10LMSERVICES path level

Check if level path for LMSERVICES is up to date, that will save yo time for "ewa grey" issues, you can check the last patches on that link:  LMSERVICES Patches

11CR-CONTENT669669 Check sap note 669669 to see if the SLD are up to date, if not you have to update it to avoid problems while working with system landscape in sap solution manager, as is indicated on that Sap Note, When you implement or update a scenario, you must update the SAP Component Repository Content (SAP CR Content) in the System Landscape Directory (SLD)....

Related information from scn forum contributors and friends

Additional information:

ConnectionsDiagnostics AgentsAuthorizationsBI/BWCRM
Own JobsCentral Correction NoteSaprouterServices SICFSLD/LMDB
Solution ManagerSP Components statusCommunication portsjava stackSystem LandScape

Best Regards,


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