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Activating Usage Procedure Logging (UPL)

As we move into the final quarter of 2014 it is a good time to revisit one of the key recommendations for 2014 as covered in the March Blog – What is UPL and why should you care? To recap UPL collects the statistical information relating to the usage of all your business transactions and custom objects. This information is then used by Solution Manager Tools to help analyze the usage of functions within your Business Solution. The benefits are:

  • On-going reduction of testing effort for changes by testing only what is matters (test optimization)
  • Reduce code remediation during upgrades (identify redundant objects and replace cloned functionality)
  • Increased velocity of change
  • Better Business Processes Management and optimization

For the best results it is recommended to collect UPL statistics for 3-6 months prior to a major change (ie Upgrade/Enhancement Pack/HANA migration). So be pro-active and start planning your UPL activation today. Get your Basis Administrator to review SAP Note 1828848 – “Usage and Procedure Logging: Technical prerequisite” for ECC Kernel patch level requirements and check your Solution Manager patch level - ideally 7.1 SP 11 and above with ST-PI 2008_1_xxx SP09. Now schedule any technical patching required into your maintenance or release schedule (ahead of planned major change). Once completed UPL can then be activated with minimal effort. This will ensure you are prepared to take advantage of the following tools to help plan and efficiently deliver major changes:

  • Scope and Effort Analyzer (plan Enhancement Pack Upgrades)
  • Business Process Change Analyzer
  • Custom Code Management
  • Solution Documentation Assistant

SAP TechEd && d-code - Las Vegas October 20-24:

It’s that time of year again when the techies get to gamble with SAP’s newest technology! For a good overview of what’s happening with Solution Manager go to Session Catalog and filter by SAP Product = Solution Manager. A few key Sessions:

  • ITM160 The Perfect Blueprint
  • EXP17541 Monitoring SAP Solutions with Predefined KPIs
  • ITM825 SAP Solution Manager Road Map Session: What’s the Strategic Direction?
  • ITM264 Adjust and Test Only What Matters with New Scope and Effort Analyzer
  • ITM132 Comprehensive SAP Monitoring – Recognize Problems Before Your Users Do
  • EXP17562 ChaRM, Quality Gate Management, and BPCA in SAP Solution Manager

Also see the SCN SAP TechEd && d-code space for top content.

Free EGI’s North America Schedule for October 2014:

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North America Schedule for November 2014:Tool & Process Setup on SAP Solution Manager 7.1

Guided Self Service Execution (Also run as an EGI on below dates):

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