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Most of you will be familiar with the EarlyWatch and Go-live Check services from SAP. These are but 2 of 20 remote Continuous Quality Checks (CQC) Services that SAP provide as part of Enterprise Support. This represents around 30-40 days of SAP Expertise. These remote services generally deliver a service report with findings and recommendations that identify opportunities for improvement along with risk identification and mitigation.

So whether you are implementing new functionality, considering an upgrade or looking for continuous improvement opportunities there is a remote CQC service that can help reduce cost, improve quality or add value to the business through innovation.

Take action today by reviewing your ALM strategy or list of pain points to identify a CQC ie:

  • Security Optimization – Good for Audit preparation and risk management
  • Technical Performance Optimization – Having problems with Database response times (requires EarlyWatch Alerts
    to be activated)
  • Transport Execution Analysis – If you are experiencing issues with transports
  • SAP Modification Justification Check – Good for reducing Total Cost of Ownership by avoiding unnecessary modifications (include as a step in the change approval process)

Once you have selected the appropriate service then log an incident in the SAP Support Portal. Selecting the appropriate system, skip the search for solution and create an incident with CQC name as short title selecting component SV-BO-REQ. In the long text ask for more information on the service ie any pre-requirements, necessary preparation steps, service duration, questionnaires etc.SAP will then contact you to schedule the service.

Upon service completion you will have a set of actions you can then use to help prioritize your continuous improvement/Risk Mitigation activities. By embedding the CQC's into your Implement and Operate processes you will become more proactive in your service delivery to the business.

As always it is a good idea to review your Solution Manager environment to ensure everything is set-up correctly to ensure smooth delivery of the Enterprise Support value added services.

Full list of available Continuous Quality Checks (click on link to see full description of services)






Technical Performance Optimization


Accelerated innovation enablement

Configuration Check

Security Optimization

Upgrade Assessment

Integration Validation

Transport Execution Analysis

EHP Installation Check

Going Live Support

Data Volume Management

Downtime Assessment

SAP Modification Justification

OS/DB Migration Check

Going Live Support

SAP Custom Code Maintainability

Business Process Analysis and Monitoring

Business Process Performance Optimization

Free EGI’s North America Schedule for August 2014:

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Tool & Process Setup on SAP Solution Manager 7.1

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Tool & Process Setup on SAP Solution Manager 7.1

Guided Self Service Execution (Also run as an EGI on below dates):

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