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Currently email monitoring is not delivered in a standard SAP delivered Technical Monitoring template. Below are the steps for setting up two custom metrics and one custom alert in Solution Manager Technical Monitoring for monitoring failed and queued email messages. Steps are based on a SolMan 7.1 SP14 system.



Managed System

By default the SAPconnect data is not collected in CCMS. It must be enabled first so that it can be used in Solution Manager

1. Tx RZ21, under Methods, select Method definitions. Click Display Overview

2. Search for SAPconnect - create it if it doesn’t exist or edit the existing with the following

Name: SAPconnect

Description: Data Collection method for SAPconnect

Function Module: BCOMAL_SXDS

Optional - refer to note 683974. The example below is based on monitoring two clients for email. our scenario we are interested in      failed and queued messages going back a week.

CLIENT: Client(s) to be monitored.

MONITOR: W - Status Waiting, E - Status Error


STARTDAY_E: Number of days back to Monitor

3. Tx RZ20 > SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors > All Monitoring Contexts

4. Look for entry BusinessCommunication. If an entry exists:

    • Menu Extras > Activate maintenance function
    • Select the BusinessCommunication node
    • Menu Edit > Nodes (MTE) > Reset. Confirm Yes and Continue.
    • Select the BusinessCommunication node again.
    • Menu Edit > Notes (MTE) > Delete. Select Option 4 and confirm with Yes.
    • The BusinessCommuncation node will be removed.

    Note: Anytime changes are made to the SAPconnect Method you need to Reset and Delete the Businss Communcation node.

5. To start the initial collections go to tx SCOT. Menu Utilities > Alert Monitor > Start Data Collection Method.

6. View the data collections from SCOT. Menu Utilities > Alert Monitor > Display. Select SAPConnect.

    Note: Alternatively use tx RZ20 to view

    Note: The collector will run automatically every 10 minutes. This can be viewed/updated in the properties

7. Verify the data in the collectors is correct. If the data is incorrect then the data sent to SolMan will also be incorrect. Sometimes the collectors need to run     a few times before they are right - or they need to be deleted and recreated again.

SolMan Technical Monitoring

1. Tx SM_WORKCENTER > SAP Solution Manager: Configuration > Technical Monitoring (System Monitoring)

2. Go to Step > Template Maintenance

3. In the Templates section Open up Technical System > Open the SAP ABAP Custom Template. Example below is RH1-SAP ABAP 7.10 and higher:


4. Switch to Edit Mode and open Expert Mode

Create Custom Metrics

1. Create Custom Metric

2. Enter the following values for Failed Email messages


  Note: The Data Collector values are from the SAPconnect CCMS monitor and are case/space sensitive! For failed messages - SAPconnect Error


3. Create a second Metric for Queued Messages (SAPconnect Queue):



     Note: Thresholds may need to be adjusted based on the frequency of your email send job.


Test Custom Metrics

Test the Metrics to confirm they are working as expected:

Create Custom Alert

1. Create a Custom Alert with the following properties


     Note: Select Do not Group Individual Occurrences so alerts are continually generated until the issue is resolved. This means an email will eventually come          out when the email server comes back online.



2. Save and apply the configuration to the managed object.

3. Save and Apply and Activate:



The data should show up in Technical monitoring within 10 minutes.

Note: There will be some delay for data to reflect SOST - the collector in the managed system runs every 10 minutes and the collector in SolMan runs every 10 minutes.


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