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Solution Manager is wonderful tool and offers several good features over other existing tools for document management.

Solution Manager is heavily used for storing documents in any SAP Implementation Project now a days. A Project is created in Solution Manager in the beginining & all standard processes or custom  processes are added / mapped for this Project.

SOLAR01 is the standard transaction code for maintaining the business processes used in any project and also all the documents pertaining to this project are stored in Solar01 only.

It happens many time end user don't know or by mistake delete the documents using "-" icon and not using the Delete button. This actually don't remove the document from Solution Manager but just remove the link from the project structure.

Let us see with an example

In the below sample screenshot a Project is shown with a document stored under Project Documentation tab in Solar01 transaction for a concerned Process.

Now consider a case where a user who wants to delete the Document uses the Minus button or "-" instead of Delete button then he gets a pop up like below

Now user presses Yes button and assumes the document is gone but reality is this is just DE LINKED from the structure and still exists in the Solution Manager System.

To remove these obsolete documents one can use the below report (SOLMAN_UNUSED_DOCUMENTS). Goto SE38 and execute the below Report.

Now press execute button and this will take you to another screen where it ask user information you can provide a "*" if you want to check all the documents irrelevant of any respective user.

Press execute button this will display a list of all documents existing in Solution Manager System but unused or de-linked from the Projects. Huge amount of unused document might lead to a performance issue too.

Coming back to our example here we get the document removed earlier as below

Thus now we choose and delete these unused documents permanently by choose the one's from the list and clicking delete button.

Please note if we have a specific requirement for a project to have more filtered criteria for removing documents in bulk etc we can customize the above report as per the scenario.

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