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Someone posed the question to me, if Solution Manager has to be restricted to having to define all of the accounts that you want notifications on when then lock.

Solution Manager can tell me if a system account is locked (ABAP) is where the question was posed.

I tried to setup a "*" wildcard statement as a variant for the User locked metric, this resulted in no alert; my guess would be that it was looking for a user equal to "*", which doesn't exist in the system.

So here is how I found a way around to obtain a pure SAP ABAP way to watched for locked accounts, it instead leverages the logs from tx SM21.

Above is the end result of a user account being locked (ADSUSER is what I purposely locked), this was accomplished by monitoring the "US1" message number/message ID.  The other useful piece of information is to also add ".*" (that is a period astrick), for the message severity and message text.

Below is where you configure the items for Solution Manager in order to accomplish notifications upon any account locking in an ABAP system:

Now you should be seeing entries populate the Alert Inbox when an account is locked in the system.  You can set notifications up within the template and start collecting email notifications for all accounts.

The only downside that I can see with this method is that the alert, when triggered, the alert shows up as "Errors in ABAP System Log"...start monitoring other system logs and now you have verify by the html attachment vs reviewing an alert name of (eg Locked Users).  However when having to view the system log vs being notified about the few things that I do want to monitor and let the system read/parse out on my behalf.



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