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Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08 Upgrade and Migration Using SUM DMO Approach – III-A – Upgrade+Migration – ABAP Stack


In this blog actual SUM tool process for upgrade and migration using DMO has been explained in detail. please find the below link of previous blog of preparations

Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08 Upgrade and Migration Using SUM DMO Approach – II – Preparations – ABAP S...

Here we are using SUM archive SUM10HDBSP when performing an upgrade for system that combines ABAP technology and HANA database.I have already explained how to extract SUM tool in the previous blog.

First login to SUM tool with <sid>adm  with standard URL


Provide the stack xml file with respective path

Download the file crlbag.p7s from the provided link and place it in respective download directory.

Click Next

Provide user DDIC and SYSTEM passwords and click Next

Check the log SCANDIRC.LOG

For above error, Again, download the files (SAPEXE_400-80002573.SAR, SAPEXEDB_400-80002572.SAR) and place it in the download directory.

Again it gave new error

As per above error, download file SAPEXEDB_400-80002605.SAR(Oracle) and place it in the download directory, also replace the  file SAPEXEDB_400-80002572.SAR with SAPEXEDB_400-80002605.SAR in the stack file and proceed further.

In my case , migration from Oracle to HANA database , hence selected option SAP HANA

Important: For production system, please select “Do not compare table contents”

It reduces the downtime in execution phase

Request Migration key from SAP Marketplace as below:

Go to SAP Market place, My support->click migration keys

Launch Migration Key Application

In the next page,Click on Request


Select Installation no - 0020297762

Click on Request

Provide Migration Key and click Next


Perform SPAU changes in the system and click Next


Increase the value of processes as per your requirement.

Click next

->Implement above missing notes in one transport and click Next

Place the file SAPEXEDB_400-80002572.SAR(HANA DB) in the download directory and give full permissions, Click next

I faced below error due to missing file SAPEXEDB_400-80002605.SAR(Oracle) in the download directory.

So make sure both Kernel files related to HANA and Oracle database dependent need to be placed in the same download directory.

Generate Target system License through SAP service Market Place and place it in download directory.

Provide the same path in the above screen

NOTE: Until Hana server is built and installation completed , you will not be able to move ahead .

So Please make sure Hana server  is built , Installation completed and applied license as well

provide SYSTEM user password and click next

provide SYSTEMDB user password and click next


Error creating HANA tenant <SID>: Generic connection error

Just Repeat the phase and provide passwords for SYSTEM, multidb users.


Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click next

Select NO and proceed further

This completes the Configuration Phase and in the next blog we start with Checks Phase, please find the continuation in the below link

Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08 Upgrade and Migration Using SUM DMO Approach – III -B– Upgrade+Migration ...
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