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Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08 Upgrade and Migration Using SUM DMO Approach – I – Generate Stack File – ABAP Stack


This blog is all about generation of stack file for ABAP stack using maintenance planner.

Maintenance Planner User Guide

We can generate stack xml file in two ways.

First method is by directly generating stack file in maintenance planner itself by having updated data in LMDB and synchronization of LMDB to maintenance planner must be in place.

Second method is by Generating System Info XML and uploading it manually to Maintenance Planner, please follow note 2287046 - How to Generate the System Info XML and upload to Maintenance Planner

  • As of July 2015, Maintenance Planner in SAP Support Portal is the central tool to plan updates, upgrades, and new installations in your system landscape. later Maintenance Optimizer has retired since January 9, 2017 in SAP Solution Manager 7.1

  • Maintenance Planner is compatible and mandatory for all updates', upgrades', and system conversions' calculation done with all Solution Manager versions available. It is the successor of the Maintenance Optimizer, LMDB product system editor and verification in SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

  • The stack XML created by the maintenance planner can be consumed by Software Update Manager (SUM) to update an existing system, or by Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM) for new installations.

Here in this blog series I have generated stack file  by using first method explained above.

Open the maintenance Planner using below link

Before starting with the maintenance planner , make sure system details are up to date in LMDB.

  • As of SAP Solution Manager 7.2, report AI_SC_UPLOAD_SYSTEM_DATA is used to upload system data from the LMDB to the SAP backend.

  • The regular job SM:UPLOAD SYSTEM DATA for the upload of system information from SAP Solution Manager to SAP Support Portal is automatically setup in SAP Solution Manager Configuration (or transaction SOLMAN_SETUP), under Mandatory Configuration -> Basic Configuration -> Schedule Jobs.

If system data is not up to date in LMDB , try to re-synchronize system from SLD and then you can instantly upload system data from LMDB to SAP Support Portal as shown below.



Click on Plan

Click on Plan a Maintenance->Sap Solution manager 7.2-> SPS 08

Click on Next.

Select Linux 64 bit->Hana


Click Next


Download Stack XML file and push to download basket

Next we will move ahead with the ABAP system preparations step, please follow below link .

Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08 Upgrade and Migration Using SUM DMO Approach – II – Preparations – ABAP S...
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