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Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08,NW 7.4 Upgrade – VII– Java Stack


Before starting with the migration of the java stack , make sure java stack is upgraded to latest version. In this blog I have explained the procedure on how to upgrade java stack using SUM(Software Update Manager) tool

Here I would like to throw some light on Software Update Manager (SUM)

The Software Update Manager (SUM) is a multi-purpose tool that supports various processes, such as performing a release upgrade, installing enhancement packages, applying Support Package Stacks, installing add-ons, or updating single components.

Please visit the central page of SL toolset

Navigate to the separate page Software Update Manager:


Here you can find the SUM central note, the SUM guide and the Download Link.

Since 11.09.2017  SUM tool is offered in two versions:

  • SUM 2.0 is for ABAP single stacks, targeting systems based on BASIS 7.50 and higher
    (exception: SUM 2.0 is used for ZDO even if target is BASIS 7.40 or lower)

  • SUM 1.0 is always used if the source system is either a dual-stack system, or a Java stack

  • SUM 1.0 is used for ABAP stack if target is based on BASIS 7.40 or lower

The SUM guide can be downloaded from the SAP Support Portal page  Software Update Manager

Sample SUM guides:

First download the latest SUM tool from SAP Support Portal and place it in a respective folder and extract the SUM tool using SAPCAR utility as shown below.

Now go to path where the SUM tool has been extracted.(..../SUM)

Give command to start SUM tool

./STARTUP confighostagent <SID>

SUM Java URL: http://<hostname>:1128/lmsl/sumjava/<SID>/index.html

Login to SUM tool with <sid>adm credentials

Provide the stack Configuration file path and click next

It gave error some of the archives defined in the stack configuration file missing.

Open  TargetSystemVersionReport.html , it will show you the list of missing files.

For example

Download the missing files and place it in the download directory where all the files are copied.

Now run SUM and click next

Download the file crlbag.p7s and place it in the download directory where all the files are copied.

Click Next

Click Next and the Configuration Phase starts as shown below

Provide username and password details and click Next

No valid Maintenance Certificate found on AS Java with SID <SID>

Apply the maintenance certificate and click Next

Verify the details and Click Next

Next Checks Phase starts

Next Preprocessing Phase starts

Next Downtime Phase begins

To be on safer side, Backup the Directory /usr/sap/<SID> and backup your database

Click Next and it enters the execution phase

This Deployed component IAIKSecurityFS takes bit long time

To resolve above error , increase space on FS /usr/sap/<SID> and restart java stack system

Click Next

To resolve above error,Unlock the j2ee_admin user and click Next


Downtime phase completed and click next we enter Post Processing Phase

Click Next

Java system upgrade finished successfully. Now lets proceed with the migration of Java system from Oracle to Hana database using SWPM (Software Provisioning Manager) tool with heterogeneous export import method , I have explained the same in the next blog please find the below link for continuation.

Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08,NW 7.4 Migration Using SWPM – VIII – Export Java Stack


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