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Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08,NW 7.4 Upgrade – Generate Stack File – VI– Java Stack


We can generate stack XML file in two ways, here in this blog I am generating stack file in maintenance planner using first method ,as we have discussed in the previous blog Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08 Upgrade and Migration Using SUM DMO Approach – I – Generate Stack File – ...

Below stack file generation process is to update java stack to latest version which I have explained in the next blog, you can find the link at the end of this blog page.

First lets check the verification status of the system in maintenance planner, here fro example one system verification status is in error.

In order to resolve above error ,

Go to LMDB of the SAP system , resynchronize the technical system <SID>system from SLD

Click Save

Click on tab SAP Support Portal->Upload To SAP Support Portal

Save and again open the maintenance Planner

After update of <SID>system in LMDB, it is updated with today's date.

Now click on system <SID>

Click Plan a Maintenance

After selecting release version ,Confirm selection

Click Next

Select the respective kernel files and Click Confirm selection

Add JAVA Patches

Select option - Include selected Java patches into stack.xml

Click Validate Dependencies

OK and click SAVE, Next


Download Stack XML file and push to download basket

Copy the stack file to respective path where all the SCA files are placed for upgrade.

Next we will proceed with the upgrade of the java system to latest version NW 7.4 SP 19 using SUM tool (Software Update Manager).I have explained the same in the next blog please find the below link for the same

Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08,NW 7.4 Upgrade – VII– Java Stack

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