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Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08,NW 7.4 Migration Using SWPM – VIII – Export Java Stack


This blog explains the process of migrating your AS Java system to SAP HANA with the Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM) in a classic way.

I have explained the detail procedure on how to perform the migration of Java stack from Oracle to Hana database using SWPM (Software Provisioning Manager),in my scenario ABAP and JAVA stack are already different i.e not dual stack so, I have followed a heterogeneous system copy procedure .

The main benefit here is that there are less steps to perform, which reduces the complexity and the possibility of user errors during the procedure:

a) Export the Java stack from your source database:

I have used SWPM 1.0 SP25 version,download the latest SWPM tool from SAP Support Portal and extract the SWPM archive using SAPCAR utility as shown below

Execute the script ./sapinst from the folder where you have extracted SWPM tool.

https://<FQDN Host name>:4237/sapinst/docs/index.html

Open above URL and login with root user

NOTE: Verify free space on file system /tmp ,minimum 3 GB free space must be available.

Export the Java stack from your source database:

Export Oracle DB :

SAP NW 7.4 SR2->Oracle>System Copy->Source System->Based On AS Java->Database Instance Export


Click Next

Check the profile directory and Click Next

Click next

Provide the export location where you need to save the export of oracle database,it will be required while performing installation of java stack for Hana database , I have explained step by step procedure for the same in the next blog(you can find the link at the end of this blog page.)

Use the below standard command to check key Phrase
>/sapmnt/<SID>/global/sltools/ -f /sapmnt/<SID>/global/security/data/

Once you execute above command , it will ask for the key phrase.

It verifies and show whether it is correct or not.If it is correct we can proceed with the next step.


Click Next

here you can define no of parallel jobs for java export.

If you want to cleanup the operating system users , you can select the check box for the same.In my scenario I don't want to delete operating system users, hence it is unchecked.

Click next and review all parameters which were defined in the earlier steps.

You can also make changes in any step while reviewing parameters before starting with the execution step.

Stop only the JAVA Application and the Oracle DB should be up

After stopping java application click OK and proceed further.

Export of Oracle database completed successfully. In the next blog , I have explained remaining steps for Import of Java system i.e installation of new java system for Hana database , please follow the below link for the same

Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08,NW 7.4 Migration Using SWPM – IX– Import Java Stack
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