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Hello Friends,

S/4 HANA is an buzz word in SAP Industry and by now, you might be aware that we have some Embedded Analytics available within S/4 HANA. On such option is the ‘Open in Design Studio’.

When you log into the Fiori Launchpad of an S/4 HANA System. We have an option called “Query Browser”.

The available CDS views (List Format) are available within the Query Browser.

You have the option of selecting any CDS view and Open the same in ‘Design Studio’ mode.

Unfortunately while trying to perform the above step, we are getting the following error. “Application 0ANALYSIS could not be loaded’.

Also, in some cases, the design studio page will not open and will keep hanging in the following screen.

Later some time, nothing happens and the system goes back to the CDS View List page.

If you give this to a UI5 Expert, he/she might come up asking you if the following service has something to with BW/BI

Solution: It’s a good news for the BW consultants that we still have some BW relevant components in S/4 HANA Analytics.

Now what is the real Solution?

Yes, your UI5 consultant is right.

0ANALYSIS is an BW/BI relevant component.

Go to RSOR tcode in the S4HANA backend System.

Navigate to the following Object Type:

Move it to the right pane and install.

On successful installation, you can find that the issue is solved and your Design studio access to the corresponding CDS view would now be available.

The solution is quite simple, but in case if you are not aware of this workaround, you might end up spending a lot of time for debugging.

Unfortunately, sometimes the issue itself will not be correctly shown in fiori side.

Hope this document was helpful.

There are lot of debates running around in the Analytics world about the future existence of BW and like always there is only one reply to that “BW is here to Live and it will survive for sure

I will come up with more documents here in this space, through which we the BW consultants have solid valid points to debate that BW has enough significance, even in S/4 HANA Embedded Analytics.



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