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Prerequisite -

This document will gives you an details of major SAP TABLES used to stored the information for ChaRM ID details from beginning to end especially for Process Type [ Normal / Defect / UrgentGit Enabled Change] along with other details like Change cycle ID  to  Configuration Item ** .

Snapshot of SOLMAN Screen -



Purpose -  This table stores all the Process Type like [ Normal / Urgent / Defect / Git-enabled Change ]  along with other details.


Purpose - Connection between Release Component and Release Cycle ID [ Change Cycle ID ].
NB: In this table field TASKLIST_ID is useful to get information from other Tables. The TASKLIST_ID is generated once the newly created Change Cycle ID is associated with any of the Process Type.


Purpose - Transport track header (/TMWFLOW/TTRCKHC) . This track will gives you the all Task List ID along with the type of Process Type they are associated. In the table Field IS_GCTS gives the information of Task List ID is type of Git-enabled Change.

This above tables will gives you details of how from Process Type ----> Change Cycle ID linked along with respective depencies.

Once you get the correct Change Cycle ID use this to get the respective Configuration Item** use below link to get the details:


This document contains all the relevant major tables used for Process Type and Change Cycle ID link details.





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