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Hi everybody,

I would like to share my experience updating the Solution Manager 7.1 from SPS 08 to SPS 11.

Updating the SolMan took me quite a while because it was the first time to use SUM 1.0 SP 10 Patch 2. In this version I had for the first time no option to do the update without downtime.

Due to the fact that we do not have so much space on the host to create a shadow instance and we don't care about downtime, we looked for an other option on how to do the update.

We came across the possibility to make separate JAVA an ABAP updates. as Described in SAP Note 1953075 - Solution Manager 7.1 SP Stack 11: recommended corrections

To start SUM to only update the JAVA part you need to run STARTUP (.../SUM/STARTUP) with the additional command "javaonly".
Here you follow the regular instructions and need to make the regular input for SUM.

During the JAVA update I experienced no issues.

After this is done, you need to run SAINT (in Client 000) of the corresponding ABAP Stack.
This is done with the all good known functions SAPCAR, SAINT and using the STACK.XML file created by the Solution Manager during MoPz calculation.

During the update of the ABAP stack I got some errors during testimport, these were ignored due to the fact that we have done no modifications to SAP which are out of standard.
During DDIC_IMPORT we got an error for which we had to ask and wait for SAP Support. The error description and solution can be found at SolMan 7.1 update error SAPKB70213
SAP Note 9949 provided the solution.

After this all other steps worked fine and the update to SPS 11 was completed successfully.



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