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Today I would like to show you how to use one of my latest discoveries - Software Update Manager Mail Notifier. By using this tool we can get an e-mail alert whenever SUM displays a dialog requesting our action. I think it's great feature!

There is a bug in SUM SP18 PL8 and lower, which makes this tool not working. Please ensure you are using the latest packages from SAP.

After extracting the SUM archives you can find Mail Notifier in directory:

Firstly we need configure tool by editing the properties file MailNotifierApp.props. It consist of three sections:

  • Upgrade related properties

  • Mail related properties

  • Check related properties

The very first thing I did was to create a mailbox that will be used to send e-mail. After that we can start filling the necessary fields in Mail related properties (sorry, I had to obfuscate some fields, but I think it it's quite easy to put the values in right places):

Now it's time to fill the second part - Upgrade related properties - which is more about our SUM settings. Most of them you can collect from SUM startup messages:

As I have self-signed certificate I won't use SSL connection, otherwise I will get information certificate cannot be validated. This is how my Upgrade section of properties file looks like:

Few remarks about the parameters:

  • - you can leave localhost if you're running the Mail Notifier on the same host as SUM. When using SSL you need to provide the hostname that is signed by certificate. Otherwise you might get SSL error (

  • sum.port - if you have SSL configured for SAP Host Agent leave the default value 1129 - if not, change it to 1128

  • sum.ssl - if you have SSL configured for SAP Host Agent leave the default value true - if not, change it to false

Last section of configuration file focus on how often the checks are performed. I decided to leave the default values:

Now it's the time to check if it's all working correctly!

As you can see the tool started and after connecting to our system is trying to send us a welcome e-mail!

After few seconds I received my mail!

Now, whenever SUM requires attention it will inform us by sending appropriate e-mail! How cool is that?

At the moment I couldn't find the way to customize e-mails, but it may be planned in future releases. But honestly I hope this tool will be integrated in SUM!
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