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What is Software Update Manager (SUM) tool ?

A support pack contains lots of errors correction and new features. SUM tool is used to upgrading system to higher level, installing enhancement packages, updating single components and appluing SPS.

How to download SUM tool?

Current Available version: Software update manager 1.0 sp13

What are prerequisites of using SUM tool?

1) Most importantly Read the Sum guide available on Service market place described as per SAP System. It contains SUM guides for ABAP systems, JAVA       systems and ABAP+JAVA systems.

2)Make sure SAP system and database are started.

3)To Start SUM GUI, Java 6 or higher has to be installed.

4)Sum tool has feature to upgrade ABAP and JAVA stack at the same time.

5)Create the back up of the system.

Where do I find more details about SUM tool?

There is an excellent blog written by Boris Rubarth. Kindly follow the below link

How do I use SUM tool?

I found an awesome blog for that wriiten by Jyotish Gogai. Follow the demo steps in the blog :

SUM tool Common Errors ?

1) JAVA application Blocked : application blocked by JAVA security

    Resolution: follow the sap note 2192751

2) Error in the Phase:READ-BASE-JVM-PROFILES for Dual Stack system:

    Resolution: Follow the sap note 2191002

3) Error in the phase validation_results : A target for these components were calculated earlier in the CREATE-QUEUE step.

   Resolution: Follow the sap note 2190432

4) Error in phase TOOLVERSXML_UPG: Mismatch between the last tool version run and the current one

   Resolution: Follow the sap note 2183731

5) Error in the phase INITPUT_PRE : Upgrade phase "INITPUT_PRE" aborted with severe errors

   Resolution: Follow the sap note 2183619

6) Error in the phase :   start-as-java for dual stack topology

   Resolution: Follow the sap note 2183160

7) Error in the phase deploy_sdm: SDM server has been set to standalone mode

   Resolution: Follow the sap note 2179754

😎 Error in the phase : post-undeploy-components : Undeployment finished with error

   Resolution: Follow the sap note 2177329



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