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Yesterday was SAP Inside Track Frankfurt and to change things up I share the most favorited tweet at 53 favorites:

You can see tobias.trapp christian.braukmller4 hendrik.neumann in the front as the organizers of the event along with the rest of the attendees


The top tweeters are lead by the SAP Inside Track twitter account.

The top tweeted language was English, followed by German and then Portuguese

Since the event was held in Germany, it is no surprise that is top time zone, followed by London (home of the SAP Inside Track account)

Pacific is the timezone of the SAP Mentors account


The top source of tweets was Twitter for iPhone, followed by Android.

You can see the tag cloud above with top occurrences by word.  tobias.trapp is one of the Inside Track Organizers



Social media ID and topics were close in the counts

It is no surprise the top topic was the event's tag, #sitFRA

Top social media id's in tweets are shown above, with tobias.trapp again at the top

Another word cloud mixing topic's and IDs

Total tweets were 1,208 compared with 1.226 from last year (almost the same)

Tweets by day are shown above; it is interesting the SAP Analytics Cloud wants to forecast the tweets.

Screen names with the average top favorites (meaning quality tweets?) are shown above, including jan.penninkhof2

See the interesting activity here via malin.liden
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