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Optimizing your business with embedded intelligence, extending your processes with guided outcomes, or break new ground with open innovation by leveraging intelligent technologies Like SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Web IDE and SAP UI5 to transform processes and business models to deliver the outcomes that you and your customers need.

As one of the requirement now a days are to scaling up/expose your on premise legacy server and use it as it is sitting on the internet. It is somehow not feasible for one organization to migrate to new server in short span of time.

To address the above requirement, this time I have tried to expose on premise server with SOAP web service that is widely used in different SAP modules (like SAP MII, SAP PI, SAP ABAP and many more) along with SAP Cloud Connector, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Web IDE and SAP UI5.

Please note that I have not explained SAP Cloud Connector, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Web IDE and SAP UI5 in this blog as these are already explained in my previous blog.

REST web service using SAP Cloud Connector, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP web IDE and SAP UI5.

Below is the architecture of application.

Application Architecture:

Image: Cloud Connector Architecture

Below is brief explanation of the newly added components in this architecture.

On Premise Server: in this application, Java server is used as on premise server. In real time scenario, any other legacy server (SAP ABAP, SAP HANA, SAP NW as java) as well as 3rd party server can replace this java server. On this server, One SOAP web service application is running.

SOAP Web Service: SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. It is XML-based protocol for accessing web services. It is platform and language independent.

In industry, SOAP consider more secure than other web services as we can add extra security header in SOAP for authentication.

SOAP is a format for sending and receiving messages. By using SOAP, we can interact with other programming language applications.

SOAPUI Testing Tool: For Testing SOAP web services and generating request and response out of the WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) created by the application we use SOAPUI tool.

For more knowledge of SOAPUI tool, please follow the below link:

SAP Cloud Platform Configuration:


Image: Destination Configuration in SAP Cloud Platform


Sample UI Form:  Sample UI form is desinged in SAP Web IDE using SAP UI5.

Image: Sample UI Form


Add Name Using SOAP request:

Image: Add name button pressed

Request Payload:

Server Response:

Request/Response Header in Developer tools (Chrome):

Get All Names Button pressed:

Image: Get All Names button pressed

Request Payload:

Server Response:

Request/Response Header in developer tools:


That is all from my side. Hope you have enjoyed this blog while reading. If you have any comments, Query or suggestion please write those down in the comment section. Till then….


Happy Reading ??
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