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In this blog I will explain how to configure a communication channel template using the, which is an Axis handler used to remove (XI) specific headers from the message payload before passing it to the transport handler. In this case I use it to remove all XI headers from the payload before I send the message out to the receiver and after I have read the dynamic configuration.

You could of-course prevent passing the headers to the adapter engine by disabling the keep-headers option in the adapter configuration, however, then you will not be able to read the XIDynamicConfiguration headers anymore.

The assumption is that you have successfully configured/deployed the Axis framework on SAP PI.

First create a template and add the entries as shown in the screenshot below.

Then on the module configuration make sure you insert the following values for the "remover" module key.

Save and activate the template and apply it to your receiver SOAP Axis Communication Channel at configuration time. You can also opt for doing this configuration straight from the Integration Directory but then you will have to re-enter the same parameters every time you have to use the handler.

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