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Odata SDKSMP ConfigurationDevelop App and Run

This blog is outdated, please follow the how to guides here:Mobile Application Development Platform for Developers - Native Apps

Native Odata SDK in SAP Mobile Platform 3

Odata is an open standard, and SAP's recommended way of developing mobile app is using Odata protocol to access the data from backend. It allows access to different data sources in a common way. The native SDK that comes with SMP 3 is based on Odata, it provides open and flexible way of developing online and offline native applications. The native SDK is common for on-premise and cloud version (HANA cloud platform mobile services) of SMP. Currently Native SDK supports iOS, Android and Windows.

The SDK can be installed on a developers machine, it supports Windows and Mac.

What if the protocol is non Odata?

You will not get the advantages of Native Odata SDK like offline, Push Notifications etc. But you have the option to convert non Odata protocol to Odata protocol using Integration Gateway that comes in SMP 3.

What is the latest version of SMP ?

Server - SMP 3 SP04

SDK - SMP 3 SP05

Where can I download SMP Server and SDK?

SMP Server and SDK is available in SAP Service Market Place.

SMP SDK free trial is available in SAP Store.

Main components of Odata SDK

What is needed for Android app development ?

SMP 3 Server, only available through SAP Service Market Place

SMP 3 SP05 SDK (free trial through SAP store): Download and install Mobile SDK SP05

Android SDK (free): Android SDK | Android Developers

Odata service from gateway trial system (free trial through SCN): SAP NetWeaver Gateway Developer Center

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