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Hi Folks!

If I have understood everything correctly (what might not be the case, I am 48), in SMP 3.0 such fancy things like MBOs and the DOE for heavy-weighted native Mobile Apps with data synch and automatic conflict resolutions while synching the data between the mobile app and the backend are not en vogue anymore. And in future Releases I am almost sure, that these features will be totally removed from the platform.

But on the other hand the SMP 3.0 does not really provide me with a useful alternative to achieve that. Such an alternative is "announced" and it seems to be a solution handling with OData Caches on the device. Only god and Walldorf may know who takes over the Job of conflict resolution and who may take over the job of sending the right data to the right people's mobile device (e.g. John wants his customers, Jackie wants her customers - how and where do I configure that in SMP 3.0? As far as I have understood: NOWHERE!).

So I have to ask an important question:

While SMP 3.0 seems to have lost all of its USPs (MBOs, DOE, automatic data conflict resolution), why the hell should I buy and use that platform?

Isn't it enough to build the most of my mobile apps using a FIORI-like Approach (SAPUI5) and creating my 2 or 3 heavyweighted offline apps by myself?

And then I can use any MDM tool like for example MobileIron to do the MDM Job?

By the way:

I have tested WebDynpro ABAP applications on my iPad and they look pretty nice and are even usable including zoom-in and zoom-out - despite from the drawback, that currently DDLBs do not work in any browser I have tested (I tested Safari, Chrome and Mercury). Does anybody know a workaround for that DDLB issue?

I wish you all a nice Weekend!



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