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One of the things that has troubled me the most regarding Agentry on SMP 3.0 is the way the URL endpoint is constructed.

The default URL endpoint is https://<FQDN_SMP>:8081/<AgentryAppName>, where <AgentryAppName> is SAPWM for SAP Work Manager, and SAPIM for SAP Inventory Manager.


If you would install 2 instances of the same Agentry application, you would have a name clash, as they would use the same URL endpoint.

I actually created an OSS message requesting a change of SMP to handle this.

Then it turns out that this is actually already supported (I don't know when it was introduced, but it is working in SP04 PL01).


In the App Specific Settings of your Agentry Server, find the field urlPath in the Configuration Section.

If you enter a value in this field you will change the URL enpoint to https://<FQDN_SMP>:8081/<urlPath>

This is actually far more flexible than I have ever hoped for, and is an excellent solution to the problem.

Søren Hansen

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