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This was an ASUG webcast from earlier this year.

Part 1 is here

Part 3 is coming soon

Be sure to register for tomorrow’s related webcast Cross-Solution Analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud and upcoming webcasts.  Tell us what you would like most to hear in this survey.

Source: SAP

Connect data from multiple sources, not just cloud


Share with the team

High level workflow

Source: SAP

Planning has similar workflow

Source: SAP

Bring data in, uncover the data, simulate possible outcomes and KPI’s

Source: SAP

Security – SAP Analytics Cloud has the certifications shown above

Source: SAP

New LoB – use pre-delivered content

It is free

Use Cases


Source: SAP

How do I know which is the right solution or path to get to the cloud?

Based on use case for the company

Centrally managed cloud deployment, use SAP Analytics Cloud

Prefer IaaS?  BI Platform

Source: SAP

Dive down to next level of use cases

3 overall categories
Digital Transformation

Target Executives - CEO/CFO/COO/CHRO

Discussion Reimagining analytics with SAP Digital Boardroom

Looking for Real-time insights and transparency into their organization

Cloud focus or LoB Buyer

Target HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance

Extend SAP Cloud Applications – SuccessFactors, Hybris C4C, Concur, Fieldglass

Extend with BI, planning, and predictive capabilities

IoT/SCP Use Cases

Target IT, Agile and Strategic Data Projects

Look for Agile Data Mart Opportunities leveraging SCP/IoT use cases (source: SAP)

Source: SAP

Here are some hybrid scenarios of using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and BOE together.

  • Customers who want to look at moving to the Cloud for specific use cases (Digital Transformation, Cloud application integration, IoT/SCP) but keep using BOE for Enterprise BI use cases against on premise data.

  • Customers who want to move some of their BOE maintenance to SAC/DBR using the Cloud Extension Policy

  • Customers who want to leverage their BOE Universe data in SAC. Reuse of existing investment and opening up new use case models. Expose universes in SAP Analytics Cloud

When to position a hybrid scenario of BPC and Planning:

  • Customers who want to leverage their BPC for corporate planning and SAC Planning for LoB planning including workforce planning, sales forecasting, and expense planning. Source: SAP

Source: SAP
Based on the 3 scenarios above, here are the solutions to be recommended for each:

Scenario 1 – This customer has invested into our SAP cloud solutions (SFSF and Ariba) and so SAC BI should be positioned as a self service, visualization solution that can mashup their data from their different cloud applications and provide a 360 degree view of these cloud applications.

Scenario 2 – While this could be a hybrid strategy, first ask about how they want to leverage their BOE on premise deployment first with their BW investment.  As they are a financial customer, they may be nervous about moving sensitive data to the cloud.  Secondly, 250 Finance users want corporate planning and consolidation, so would recommend BPC.  SAC Planning does not support consolidation but could be used for departmental planning.  This is really an on premise strategy first, but for positioning SAC/DBR, you should ask if they have SAP Cloud solutions or a Cloud first strategy, and see if they have interest in a digital transformation strategy with Digital Boardroom.  SAC can connect to their BW on HANA database directly and keep that data inside their firewall.

Scenario 3 -  This is a Hybrid scenario as they have a big investment in BOE and Universes and want to leverage their on premise Teradata data warehouse.  The key words that stick out are transition to digital enterprise which means positioning Digital Boardroom and the SAC platform for their executives and LoBs.  SAC can connect to their BOE Universes that connect to their Teradata data warehouse and those KPIs can be consumed in the Digital Boardroom.

Scenario 4 – Great case for starting w/ on premise BI, or BI hosted on a private cloud. Moving a load of ECC data into the cloud could create data strategy and silo issues. Alternatively, could ETL the data over to HANA and then use SAC for in-place access of that HANA data. (Source: SAP)


To be continued
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