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Until recently, there was no option provided for transporting the KPI Modeler entries. This had to be done manually in all the environments. With the new SMART Business Download tool, its now possible to capture the KPI Modeler entries like KPI/Evaluations and transport them to other environments. There is not much documentation on how this can be done and I hope people find this useful.

Launch the tool using https://<hostname:port>/sap/hba/r/sb/transp/WebContent/index1.html (based on your version)

Ensure that you have package privilege and also roles like

Click on the “Select KPIs to Download all its Entities” and select those KPI’s which you are interested to download. Once this is done, provide a package where these entries will be uploaded to. I have created a new package “MyPackage.kpiModel” and referred it as the package. When you click on “Download Entities(csv and hdbti file formats)”, this should download multiple excel files along with a hdbti file. If this doesn’t work, ensure that the Multiple download file setting is enable in your browser. In Chrome > Settings > Advanced > Privacy > Content Settings and select “Allow all sites to download multiple files automatically”.

The below files will be available in your download folder

Launch the Web IDE editor using https://<hostname:port>/sap/hana/xs/ide/editor/

Locate the package which was created to hold the KPI Modeler entries and open it. Drag all the excel/hdbti files from the download folder into “Multi-file Drop Zone”. This will add the files in to the package.

Finally assign the package to a DU and follow the transport mechanism. Once the hdbti file gets activated in the target system, it would read all the entries in the excel files and upload them into the corresponding physical tables in HBA Schema.

Handling client dependent parameters provided in evaluations:

Almost in all KPI’s we had a parameter called SAP Client which was hard coded in DEV environment. Hence, transporting of KPI entries would mean the same client would be transported to Production. The clients are not always the same.

Hence, to deal with this, we put the Production client in DEV environment and captured the entries in a transport and pushed it all the way to Production.

After this, we executed the below SQL in all other environments manually. I am keen to hear from others how they got around with this problem.

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