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Just a small tip to help HANA administrators.

We know how to execute queries from Hana Studio, additionally there are Predefined SQL queries delivered with HANA Studio to help us with daily monitoring and HANA system analysis. These queries can be found on the tab "System Information" of HANA Studio Administration View. Double click on them and there you go.... get results in nice readable format.

Luckily there are around 194 additional queries SAP delivered with the SAP Note 1969700 - SQL statement collection for SAP HANA as zipped attachment.

What we generally do, we unzip it and open individual text files and execute them from SQL Console from studio. But we have a very handy option which helps us be more lazy and that is what we try to achieve most of the time in our basis life :lol:

We can add all of the queries in one go!

From below screenshot, right click on the blank area, locate the zip file which you have downloaded from the note, and upload it.

Now you can see the entry here, you can rename it and give it meaningful name and description.

You can also delete queries, folders if they are not of your use. Drag and drop option is available to arrange it as per you mood.

Now the important part, How to save it? two options, click on the log-off option from Hana studio or close the administrative view; in both cases it will prompt you to save the changes. Do not panic you can save it. Later if you need you can delete entire folder.

Next time whenever you'll login to this system, you'll find those nice set of queries waiting for you to execute.

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