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I’ve been working with BW 7.3 for a while. I think it is just around one year I worked for one upgrade project. But it just occurred to me that Attribute tab on IO maintenance screen of Administrator Workbench has (finally!) one very nice and important feature.

This feature is search on IO’s attributes binocular icon – so called Find in Attributes.

Here’s how this screen looks like in BW’s up to 701 (e.g. SP level 10):

Here’s same screen with this nice feature as of BW 730 SP 07:

Popup in particular look like:

I realize that this blog post is not very informative for most of BW guys. They all same as me just simply got used of this feature. However I want to take this as opportunity to thank all developers of BW backed which made this happen. Simply initiatives like SCN’s Idea Place are definitely paid off.

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