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From time to time, printers get obsolete, removed and replaced in an IT organisation. When this happens, SAP Basis administrator will then remove or replace printers in txn SPAD. By doing so, how does this affect functional area?

One problem could occur is update error happening for txn LT04 - Create Transfer Order when the obsolete printer resides in it . As a Basis person, when you do your daily checks in SM13 Check Update Request, you will see update errors in SM21 and SM13  like the screenshots below:

SM21 - System log displays the update error

SM13 - Update Errors

Error Details says "Printer $DXXX" is not defined. That's because the printer no longer exists in the SAP system. I am assuming that "$" sign is an indication that something no longer exists, if someone know more about this, please enlighten us.

To resolve this problem, we need to involve the developer to replace the printer value with either a valid printer or leave the value blank, depending on the business requirement. Once the change is migrated to SAP Production, you no longer see the update error.

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