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In this blog post we will discuss about SLT, one of the most powerful product of SAP for real - time replications. Will discuss about SLT advance setups before starting your cFIN implementation project. I am currently working in a Central Finance project as an SLT SME. I will share my project experiences and knowledge in this and subsequent blogs. This will help you with real time SLT related issues during your cFIN implementation journey.




SLT is the one of the key system in any Central Finance (cFIN) project. As soon as your BASIS team installs the SLT system, your job as an SLT admin is to make sure that the system is ready and there are no surprises during cFIN implementation.

Any changes that need to be made in SLT after the load/replication starts will require a de-activation of configurations (Mass Transfer IDs). This will cause unwanted delays and the client may not appreciate these delays.

I have seen projects where these things are overlooked. Later on issues come and escalations happen.

So, it is always advisable to make sure that SLT is in sync and up to date well in advance before the transfers start.

The below flowchart will be handy to make sure there are no misses in setting up the SLT for a cFIN implementation project.

Quick check flowchart of SLT setup


Quick check flowchart of SLT setup for cFIN scenarios





SLT is the heart of any Central Finance Project. It is the key product which decides the success or failure of the project. A well planned SLT installation and setup will prevent you from missing project deadlines.


Feel free to reach out to me on   Abhishek Singh | LinkedIn. 


Supporting documentation and information :


SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server | SAP Help Portal (Note Analyzers with separated scenarios) (SLT for Central Finance) (AVL content) (SLT Sizing - work processes)


I hope this blog post will help you to complete SLT side preparations to avoid any delays when your cFIN project kicks off. Thank you for spending time reading it. Please do provide your valuable feedbacks and if you have any questions, please contact me.

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