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Hi All

In this blog we are going to discuss about steps to make modifications/changes to existing SLT configurations related to below 2 options.

  1. "Allow Multiple Usage" -- If Requirement is to load data from single source to multiple targets using same logging table (1:N)

2. "Read From Single Client" -- If Requirement is to read from single client data.


  1. When configuration got created dint know the use of above options.


2. One option was enabled and later stage needed other one.



Login to SLT system and check below settings before the change using LTRC t-code under Administration tab,

Here my requirement is to enable "Read From Single Client" options as it was not checked earlier.

Go to SE11 and display contents from table IUUC_MT_HEADER (mass transfer header fields for IUUC) as follows

Provide MT ID for which change is required and display as follows

Here we need to select MT ID row and click on pencil button to modify the record.

Below highlighted all fields are modifiable but important are below highlighted 2 options, my case "Multiple Logtab use"(Allow Multiple Usage) is checked but wanted to enable "Client Specific"(Read From Single Client") so enabled.

click on Save to apply the setting.

Now use LTRC t-code to check applied setting.

We see both settings are checked and its how we can modify the settings for existing mass transfer id's.


Jagadeesh Mandepudi

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