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SLT Installation on Netweaver 7.5

Dear all,

This is my first Blog post. I have 8 years of experience in SAP Netweaver Basis, HANA and Solman. I have a tremendous experience on both Implementation and Support projects. Recently I implemented the SLT solution for one of the customers and thought to share the knowledge with everyone. I am also thinking to publish blogs on SLT Configuration from SAP to non-hana target(rare scenario) and system replication setup & DR Invocation for HANA. Please stick around!!!

SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (“SLT”) is used for real-time or scheduled data replication from SAP or non-SAP source. This uses trigger-based technology to transfer the data from any source to SAP HANA in real-time. You can even transfer the data to non-hana target provided the source is SAP system.

The SAP LT Replication Server is technically based on SAP Netweaver 7.00 EHP02 (minimum support package 😎 or higher. Always prefer to install the latest Netweaver Version.

I chose NW 7.5 SP9 and MS SQL 2012 for installation on OS Windows 2016.

Please use the maintenance planner to plan the new system. Add all the files to download basket.

1. Download the Required Software Files from SAP Market Place

  •  Kernel

  • SWPM

  • SUM

  • Installation Export

  • DB Installation DVD

  • SAP SPS, ST-A/PI and DMIS add-on

2. Run the Pre-Requisite Checker on the Operating System and meet the requirements.

Please put a check mark for DB, PAS and ASCS as below and ensure to configure the pre-requisites as shown by the checker.

3.  Install DB (MS SQL)

Kindly ensure to enable .NET Framework 3.5 before installing the DB.


Now run setup.exe from DVD(51047515 - MS SQL 2012)




Go on next by choosing the relevant data and finish the installation.

Please remember to choose Collation as "SQL_Latin1_General_CP850_BIN2" for Unicode. Kindly refer the installation guide for more details.

4. Install SAP

Run SWPM as an admin and choose the below selection in case you wanna install Standard System.


provide the System Name and FQDN accordingly and provide a master password.

Provide the Domain Model as per the Customer Policy and Provide the MS SQL DB instance details.

In the below screenshot, provide the kernel file path.

Choose the domain for Host agent and by default the SAP SID would be SAP.

Master Password will be picked

Provide the Installation Export path

Master Password will be picked automatically, you can still  choose your own password.

Mandatory to Enable for NW 7.5

Provide the instance number for ASCS and PAS and ensure the relevant SAP ports are not blocked.


Skip SLD registration or connect it to Solman.

Do not create Message Server ACL

Choose to install the gateway integrated in the ASCS


Finish the installation


5. Perform Post Installation Tasks


Apply the license

Parameter Tuning

Configure Op modes

Configure OSS connection

Maintain the system details in saprouter

create a client if required and perform client copy

6. Upgrade Netweaver SP to N-1(SP 9)

Ensure to download SUM 2.0 as SAP NW 7.5 does not support SUM 1.0

Always download the latest version of SUM

Start SUM


Import Latest SPAM and provide the stack.xml

Provide the password for DDIC and SAPSERVICESID

Click Next

Apply the missing notes shown below via SNOTE and release the TR.


Ensure that the queue is calculated as expected

Skip the modification Adjustment

provide the shadow instance number and keep going further

Lock the Development


Please take a backup as mentioned in the SUM tool and proceed with the execution phase

Again take a backup at the end of Execution phase and proceed with post-processing.

Upgrade finished successfully.


Now run SGEN for all the components

7. Install SLT Component

Install DMIS 2011_1_731 for SAP NW 7.5. Choose the SP level as that of source.

Launch SAINT--> load from app server

Run the upgrade in background

Finish the installation and you should now be able to carryout with SLT configuration.

Also you can install the ST-A/PI component in the same way(Version 01S_731 for SAP NW 7.5)


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