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DMIS 2011 SP6/DMIS 2101 SP10 was released yesterday ( and brings in some nice features, details of which are described in the note. Bellow is a quick summary of what I managed to have a play with thus far, mostly on the new UI features:

Transaction LTRO (monitoring)

We can now view details of multiple configurations in one screen :cool:

Number of available DIA/BGB processes can bee seen as well as configuration status/alerts.

The Configuration view provides further detail (status/latency...etc) and enables drill down to the tables within each configuration

Transaction LTRC enhancements

Multiple configurations can now be stopped/started in one go via the additional buttons:

The Data Provisioning function is now able to create 'empty' tables and DB Views:

Some new 'Expert' Functions available, including ability to Log replicated records (needs to be activated for the configuration) as well a function to display table information from the source system. New options for latency notifications at table level are now available...yet to play with that.

Transaction LTRS (advanced replication Settings)

A new way to deal with 'legacy' IUUC_REPL_CONTENT

I still need to go through the new features as there are quite a few, however, from a usability point of view, things just got better!



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