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This article uses as To perform SLT based replication in hana with ecc system

Login to D1H and execute LTRC T-Code

2) Choose the respective System , in which replication needs to be done. Here we are doing in first (SR1)

3) Find the table lists whose count is greater than million records.  Search that list of tables first to find out which is already present.

4)Verify tables are available for replication in HANA

Only 2 tables are in HANA

Out of 6 tables-2 tables are already replicated in HANA SIDE CAR, So we need to replicate 4 tables

5)We need to replicate only the below 4 tables


6)Come out of LTRC T-Code and then again execute LTRC T-code

Click on Data Provisioning

Click on Start Replication

Click on execute button

7) Click on No.Of Tables and click on Descending

We will get the list of tables in scheduled state

We could see Replication is in stopped status. We need to start the replication in order the tables to replicate.

Once the replication is started, you can see the status Replication (Initial Load)

Once the Replication is completed, you will get the Current Action as “Replication”

8) Now, after replication. We have to create the scenario. Here the scneraio name is Z-FUSIONOPS2.

Before , Go to SE16 and give table name as RDA_CONFIG and give here scenario name. You will get that there is no entries in the table list.

Now, you have to create the scenario. Go to SE38 and give Program Name as RDA_MAINTAIN

This program is used to upload scnerio

You have to create the XML file for those listed tables. XML files creation reference take it from local path where you have saved

Give the path where xml file is located

9) Click on execute button, a message will come that Scenario Z_FUSIONOPS02 was added.

Click on Maintain Database Connection

Choose the scenario name. You will see the new scenario name added in the list.

Now Database Connection –SLT_SR1

Here now the database connection for Z_FUSIONOPS02 is assigned to SR1.

Now we have to activate the scenario

Click on execute and activate the scenario

Now to RDA_CONFIG table and give the scenario name and click on number of entries

Here you will get the number of entries

Suppose 6 tables then double of that i.e 12 because we have 2 programs using the same set of tables

Click on execute and you will see the list of tables entries

HANA data provisioning option can be seen in Quick launch view.

Select table to start replication.

Conclusion: By performing ablove steps your SLT replication completed, and you can see the tables reflected in sap hana studio.

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