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SLD availability monitoring using Http ping in Solution Manager 7.1

SLD availability monitoring is possible with http ping in solution manager 7.1, to achieve this we have to create custom template.


The simple Http Ping always returns only the Http status code and a status message. If you want to do some more intelligent monitoring, e.g. checking if the website is not only up and running, but checking if a certain content is available (via a regular expression), then you have to use the data collector SAP Ping Http Response Generic (Push)

For example we want to monitor the SLD of our system is running and not stopped. So we need to search for the string “Running” on the website we ping. Because this website is reachable even if the SLD server is stopped.

Custom template setup for SLD monitoring:

To set this up, we will create a new metric using this data collector and set up a text threshold that filters for the string “Running”.

Create a new metric. Make sure you set the data type to String

SOLMAN_SETUP -->Technical Monitoring -->Template maintenance-->Technical Instance -->Generic Product Version-->create custom template

Go to Expert Mode –> Create-->Metric

Provide the inputs for mandatory fields.

For the data collection, select the data collector SAP Ping Http Response Generic (Push) and add the URL.

Port :80<instanceno>

Url: /sld/admin/index.jsp

Set up the text thresholds

Note: The text patterns have been changed in Latest versions.

In NW 7.4 SLD status has been changed from “Running” to “SLD Running”.

The threshold values text for SLD custom template has to adjust accordingly in latest version

For Lower versions:

For NW 7.4:

In the next step you assign the metric to a custom alert of the same category. If there is no alert available you have to create one.


Assignment tab:

Assign custom created template to the system in technical monitoring --> setup monitoring and activate

check the status from technical monitoring-->system monitoring

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