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First Check below setting in Solution manager

1. Apply the Central note in Solution Manager. Most of the time some of the notes embedded in central note leads to various dump in standard T-Codes, so please make sue whether all are applicable to your scenario or not. Otherwise after implementing all, you can uninstall the inconsistent ones from SNOTE itself.

2. Cross check whether OSS1 connection is working or not and also check the SAP ROUTER connection is open for it or not.

3. Install latest ST-PI & ST-A/PI software component patches in satellite as well as in Solution Manager Systems. (It's required for EWA configuration).

SLD Configuration in Solution Manager 7.1 STEPS:-

1. Execute RZ70 in ECC (as we have taken ECC as satellite system) and provide credential of Solution manager (Hostname and gateway) and trigger "Start Data Collection and Job Scheduling". It will send the data to Solution Manager SLD.

Click on Yes

If you don't get any error in in RZ70 and it shows that it got successfully sent

But if unluckily you get error like 'RFC OPEN ERROR' then follow below additional steps:

      A. Delete the SLD_UC & SLD_NUC RFCs from Solution Manager System.

      B. Surf http://<solman host name>: <port>/sld and click on ADMINISTRATION > PROFILE . Select the SECTION as ALL and give the details of ECC server host name & gateway details in two respective fields.

C. Now save the changes and restart the SLD.

D. Now again go to ECC server and run RZ70 by giving details of ECC server itself instead of Solution manager. It will trigger the SLD details to Solution manager

2. Now you can see the technical system details in Solman SLD. Now check whether "SAP_LMDB_LDB_0000000001" job (program name: AI_LMDB_R_SYNC_RUNNER) is continuously running successfully or not, because it plays vital role to drag data from SLD to LMDB.

3. Now go to SMSY_SETUP T-Code and click on "Schedule Data Transfer from TMS/SLD" or PRESS F8 and monitor the Landscape_Fetch job. After successfully completion of this job, you can see the ECC system SID in SMSY.

Similarly check in LMDB in solman

If the system is not detected in LMDB then execute the Batch Job “Landscape_Fetch” this will sync data between SLD and LMDB

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