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Welcome to the first SAP Tech Night Melbourne #sitMEL of 2019! This event will be held on Thursday April 4th from 5.15pm – 7.15pm at Bourne Digital (SAP Apphaus), 9 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000 (basement). 

***Update to agenda***

Bumping the SAP Cloud Platform Workflow session to another night in June - stay tuned!



5.15pm – 6.00pm
Welcome Drinks & Food + SAP AppHaus IntroSponsored by Bourne Digital

6.00pm – 6.30pm
SAP Mobile Cards

Mobile card kit enables instant mobilisation of SAP Fiori and virtually any other data into a wallet-style microapp. This session will cover where SAP Mobile Cards fits into the overall SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services portfolio and includes a demo of how these can be enabled quickly.
Phil Cooley – SAP Dev Lead / Cloud Architect, Bourne Digital

6:40pm - 7.10pm
Tearing down a Mentor's Code

chris.paine is a respected SAP Mentor who specialises in the enhancement of standard SAP Cloud solutions (especially SAP SuccessFactors) using the SAP Cloud Platform. Through his work he's had to come up across many of the tools that we find common place in SAP today, for example Fiori UI5 builds a bit before many other people. Blazing a trail does not always mean doing it the best way the first time! In this session two of Chris' younger whipper-snappers colleagues (Bohan Liu and Gurdev Singh) will take some UI5 code that Chris wrote about 5 years ago and tear it to pieces, pointing out all the things that were done badly and then showing how the same code could be refactored to make it easier to read, easier to maintain and a lot more performant.

Chris, Gurdev and Bohan will jointly present a light hearted and hopefully informative session where questions and comments from the audience will be most welcome. We look to see you there

Wrap up and directions to the pub to continue networking


To book your place use the following link.

*** Please reserve your seat as spaces will be limited ***

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