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Finally!! SAP Inside Track completed its full quota of south India journey with its addition of Kochi also to the list.       Yes …SAP Inside Tracking is now a sensational event for passionate SAP followers across the globe. Kochi the Queen of Arabian Sea welcomed its first SIT event in a big fashion. Inclusion of a dedicated Big Data track along with SAP Techno functional track was one of the highlight of the event.



SIT Kochi was hosted at TCS Kochi Campus an ever green campus enriched with serene beautiful environment situated in Kakkanad the IT hub of Kerala.


Kerala - Gods own country started its first ever SIT community event with a participation of 116.Though the turnaround was only half percent of total registered, disposition rate of participants was extraordinary. Interaction and knowledge sharing was its best at Kochi on Sept 27.


SIT Kochi opened its innings at sharp 10 with an introduction from Mr. Mahesh Kumar, the man behind show elaborating the history of SIT events across various parts of India. The importance of SIT events for you, key takeaways of SIT events, Agenda were discussed. I am still wondering how he was able to convey all this in his 5 minutes speech. Yes that is Mahesh as we know… Mr.midhun.vp the wonder kid was the second one to go. As everyone know if you talk to midhun its again all SCN for him...Same here to use SCN for your career growth and various SCN related events were discussed.10 minutes of opening speech was concluded and participants were requested to attend sessions according to their choice.




A heavy packed agenda with focus on various technologies including Mobile,HANA,Cloud,Big Data & ERP Solutions made sure that delegates are well covered.Speakers did their best to bring a look and feel of various technologies by incorporating Demo sessions also parallel.

Session snaps


Proper session management & time keeping give amble time for participants to have a delicious meal. It was a great sight to watch delegates hanging around speakers seeking opinions & suggestions even while having lunch.

Networking Sessions

Unlike other SITs Kochi had given an extended 30 minutes of networking session which was a great opportunity for delegates to have an on floor interaction with experts. Knowledge  sharing along with building networks was its best at networking sessions. It was quite inspiring to meet and talk to different people and be in these sessions.

Closing ceremony started at 5.30PM.Though it was a Saturday enthusiasm of participants where unchanged resulting a good turnaround. SIT provides a great platform for local SAP community members as well as global SAP Mentors and community members to network, share and learn from each other. It may also be a substitute to some extent, for some who may not be able to attend SAP TechEd (Now d-code) due to travel or budget constraints.The message was evident from team.

Chief Guests

   1.Nilesh, TCS

   2.Abinash, Clematis

   3.Sheen Chungath, Sesame Technologies

   4.Akbhar Shroff, Computer Bookshop Pvt Lmtd.


Lucky Draw.

Participants were requested to enter their names in a paper and a spot draw was on.Hmm. Good luck winners.. :smile:


Feedback Forms

Participants are instructed to enter scores of 1 & 2 based on their feedback top three speakers from each session were chosen.

Top 3 Speakers




Participants Feedbacks.

It was a great honour as an organizer to hear those golden words from participants who have came all the way from various parts of Kerala to make this

event a mega success :smile:


Design Posters



We would like to say a big THANK YOU to the TCS,Clemetus,Computer Books & all the volunteers, presenters who shared their experience, knowledge & Participants. It is truly a well-organized and managed effort from the organizers& volunteers.

SITKochi 2014 Pics ..Check out ..Flickr: kannannair13590's Photostream 

We have a Facebook group SAPInsideTrack India to connect and share among the local community members in India.

As well on Linked SAP Inside Track India | LinkedIn is created especially for SAP Inside Track India.

Just find out happening in India about SIT , Join this group... :smile:

Hungry for more SITs lets meet again at Bengaluru.. SAP Inside Track Bengaluru 2014

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