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All Speaker Session Slide decks are available in the below link.

Technical Track :  SAP Mobile Documents

Sundaresan KrishnamurthyUnleash the Power of SAP HANA from your ABAP Custom CodeWe will show you, in action, how you can identify a poorly performing ABAP report in your production system and showcase how you can use the combination of various performance analysis tools , performance best practices, and advanced ABAP on HANA programming techniques to be able to accelerate your ABAP Code to perform like never before – all within the context of ABAP Programming world!
Rajeshkumar TSAP Process Integration UpgradeThe session would provide overview on the Upgrade proposal for Process integration provided to our customer. The proposal was based on considerations of existing customer SAP and NON SAP applications, other EAI applications, intermediate layers and file based interfaces. The session also highlights on how to leverage the various upgrade options provided by SAP.
Arun Rajamani
Kumar Ankur
Get into cloud with HANA Cloud PlatformOverview of SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Learn how to get started and deploy your first hello world application into the cloud. Also experience the latest lightweight HTML5 FIORI-like applications.
Mahesh Kumar CV
Ganesh M
Machine 2 Machine Analytics using SAP HANAWill have an overview about what is M2M, opportunities across M2M’s space, industry specific use cases with some examples and its overview. 
Deep dive on Technical Architecture & Possible few use cases accroos different industries."
Midhun VPSAP Mobility and SAP Mobile Platform 3an overview on SAP’s Mobile Solutions. We will explain how to build and design mobile enterprise apps. This session will focus on following aspects:
Different approaches in enterprise mobile application development
SAP Mobile Platform 3 – What’s new ?
Sri Krishnan VibuSAP HANA Database Migration : An OverviewAn overview of SAP HANA migration process based on classic migration approach , Mogration option using Software Update Manager
Arun Rajamani
Kumar Ankur
Jumpstart to HANA XS in SAP HANA Cloud Platform with Web IDEHands-on demo to build and debug a HANA native PersonsList application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform with the SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench.
introduction to the SAP HANA native development (aka as SAP HANA XS), benefits of a web-based design-time that is integrated with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
Karthikayan VenkatesanPersonalized User experience using SAP Screen PersonasThis session will give an overview how to leverage SAP Screen Personas to modify many common SAP GUI screens to make them more usable as well as  visually appealing and thereby improving the end-user productivity.
We will showcase the SAP Screen Personas POC done for our Tier1 Automotive manufacturer for reducing the end-user training cost and improve productivity during their Global rollouts
Krishna TanguduSQL Usage & Benefits In HANAExplain the SQL usage of SAP HANA, describe the features delivered, and discuss the SQL script usage along with an understanding of differences between traditional SQL and SQL in SAP HANA.. Custom scenarios will be used to demonstrate the best practices in using SQL Script for SAP HANA
Raghupathy KBSAP BO Mobile and SMACSAP BO Mobile application can connect the BO reports from mobile and can analyze on the go.
This is intended for consumersof the SAP BO Mobile (Android and iOS) application who install and use the application features on their Android phones,iPhone or iPad devices.
SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, is designed to help you stay competitive in today's global, "always on" business environment.

Analytics Track : SAP Mobile Documents

Bala PrabaharSAP-HANA Vs Oracle 12cThis would explain the benefits of SAP-HANA over Oracle 12c
Meera NatarajanAnalyze, Achieve Better Performance and Faster reporting with BW on HANAHow to best utilize BW on HANA for supercharged performance and faster reporting in BW. Prerequisites for implementation of BW on HANA.   Walk through the performance of existing data models in traditional BW & BW on HANA .
Stephen CherianExtend SuccessFactors using SAP HANA Cloud Platform applicationsThe session will show you how to start from scratch, build and deploy your first SuccessFactors extension using SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
Sudipta ChakrabortySAP HANA/BO implementation for Retail Business IntelligenceThis session will explain how SAP HANA is implemented with SAP BO and BODS to cater BI ad-hoc reporting needs. Focus on the architecture and Autonomy implementation strategy. Template coding to enable for multi roll-out.
Krishna TanguduCase Study :Implementing SAP HANA for Hi-Tech IndustryHigh Level Design and the native replication framework we developed as part of this implementation.We will share our insights on using HTML5 dashboards as reporting solution on SAP HANA along with lessons learnt and Best practices to be followed while modelling using SAP HANA.
Pravin SamuelPolling system ( Election ) using SAP HANAThe Conventional Counting process in election takes around a day to announce the results.
We came up with a thought , What if SAP HANA is used to take the conventional election system to keep up with the current trend .
Ganesh Mahadevan VIntroduction Internet of ThingsSession is all ablout
Challenges in Industries and future prediction of IOT & Landscape
Difference b/w M2M and IoT
Building Blocks of IOT
Industry Use Cases
SAP Architecture
Muddapati Ashok KumarBusiness Objects 4.0 OS MigrationThis is to give an overview of how to perform a migration of Business Objects Servers from one OS platform to another OS platform.
We shall share knowledge and issues encountered during a recent migration we performed, and solutions used to fix those issues.
The Sessions also covers adding new nodes to a BO cluster, when customers want to move to a HA solution for Business Objects.
Mahesh Kumar CVBig Data  Platform ,Architecture & ApplicationsOverview of Big Data Platform
Deep Dive of Big Data Architecture with all the applications.
Siddharth AgarwalBuilding an End-to-End App from HANA via ABAP to SAPUI5This hands-on session,  will develop an end-to-end scenario by using SAP HANA views and procedures for data-intensive calculations, integrating them into an ABAP application, and modeling a user interface with SAPUI5. While implementing this scenario, it explains techniques of how to leverage the latest ABAP on SAP HANA features as well as best practices of how application coding may be optimized with ABAP 7.4 and SAP HANA.

Functional Track : SAP Mobile Documents

Rajat DubeyLotus Notes Procurement System replacement with SAP SRMThis session will give an overview about how Lotus Notes Procurement System is replaced with SAP SRM in Client business Process.This session will focus on
-From AS-IS  to TO-BE Process Map with SAP SRM
-New Functionalities provided to Client to Improve business opetrations
AMJADDangerous Goods Management for Shipper with SAP TMoverview of the SAP EHS - Dangerous Goods functionality which can be utilised in SAP TM area instead of rebuilding the whole solution in SAP TM . It also gives you overview to work with different regulations especially ADR and means of Transport and example explanation  with ADR . This is a must solution due to regulation adherence and  high penalty cost involved with non adherence.
Vaidya VenkatSAP GRC - Access Controls Solution
Risk is unavoidable, but it can be managed. With governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), businesses can strategically balance risk and opportunity. As global markets continue to impose new regulations, GRC help businesses:
Better manage compliance and risk
Better protect value – proactively avoid risk events; reduce cost of violations
Prabhakar K. JanakiramanSAP for ETO Industry & ETO KIT AcceleratorSAP effectively maps anycomplex processes being followed in ETO Companies and leverages the best out of it.
Elango Masilamany
Aishwarya Vijayan
Implementation of SAP PMR SolutionThe session will give overview of SAP PMR Solution Implementation
- Implementation of Ramp-up solution
- Implementation methodology
- Solution benefits
Sam KonathamDemystify SAP Payroll De-clustering Toolsget an overview of Sap Payroll De-clustering Tools. Understand what is De-Clustering, How De-Clustering works, How to Set Up De-Clustering and related configuration and benefits of De-Clustering. Explore the concepts of current Clusters and how data is de-clustered using de-clustering tools. Throughout the session, real world business scenarios will be referenced for a deeper understanding of the topics.
Rameswaran SHigh Volume Data Migration approach for SAP Retail DataThe session will give overview of Data Migration approach for high volume retail data
- Data Migration Approach
- Tools used
- Technical Challenges and Options
Satish Kumar DLean Manufacturing with Kanban
Benedict YesudossBrick & Mortar  to .COM ModelThis session will give an overview on .COM Model against the tranditional OTC Model. How fit & flexible this model in current dynamic market  to customer and what area all the benefits customers/partners can reap.  We will share concrete examples and best practices for customers and partners based on our experience in .COM Business model.
This session will focus on the following aspects:
-        Traditional Business Process
-        .COM Business Process
-         Benefits to the customers / Partners
Hemamalini VijayendranSEPA in ERP FinancialsThis session will provide  an overview  of SEPA,insight of direct debit collection & return process. We will walk through Master Data requirement for IBAN generation & creation of SEPA mandate. Main focus of this session will be on the customizing settings, usage of SEPA  prenotification functions in SAP and Direct Debit File creation (F110).

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