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After awesome SIT HYD 2014 event we conducted feedback from the participants using SURVEYMONKEY by taking 10 Questions.

Below are the responses from the participants.

1. How much have your skills improved because of the SAP Inside Track event?
2. Overall, were you satisfied with the event, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it?
3. Was this event better than what you expected, worse than what you expected, or about what you expected?

4. How much time was spent on important information at this event?

5. How detailed was the information presented at this event?

6. How useful was the information presented at this event?
7. How much of the information presented at this event was new to you?
8. How organized was the information presented at this event?
9. Did the presenter allow too much time for discussion, too little time, or about the right amount of time?
10. What suggestions do you have for improving SIT Events?

Awesome event, let’s have this kind of events on regular basis

Need more advertising

Looking forward to more SIT sessions in Chennai in future. Great job guys, keep doing it.

Let’s have two events in year

A bit longer sessions may help us to understand about the topic very clearly.

Need more Publicity for events, Create more awareness about SIT event

Excellent event to get to know what is happening around in the SAP World

Wish for such events to happen in more.  Excellent event.

No much suggestion but it would be great if each session time period increased.

If session time 50 minutes and Q&A 10 minutes will be much better.

Twice a year is a great deal, Very well organized.

Thank you SAP for conducting these types of events. Please continue in conducting these events.

Thanks for conducting this event. And I would request you to conduct such more events in future so that people can utilize them and grow further. Thanks to TCS for coming forward and supporting Mahesh and Team to make this event successful.

Everything was really organized and i felt there is no point as such for improvement but as i am from pune and looking few events like sap inside track here as i have discussed among people are excited so if possible let’s have one more event here. Many thanks to mahesh, Ganesh and all speakers with great potential and knowledge shared in event. Quite happy being there and part of such a informative event like inside track.

It is really good and amazing!!! However, a small, small suggestion Certificates to be provided instead of memento

Some more marketing and awareness. Sessions should cover in detail for most of the applications.

A perfect event at a perfect time. A great place to network with experts

It’s a must event to be attended by all Sapiens

It’s the best place to learn, explore and share about new technologies in the SAP World

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