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The beginning of the SAP TechEd 2013 season is near-at-hand and this week we have another great speaker, sindhu.gangadharan.  Sindhu is Chief Product Owner for Process and Network Integration, and is a process integration veteran, involved in various integration projects, since 1999.  However, what is less known is that Sindhu is an enthusiastic blogger.  She writes about the experience of being an Indian woman living in Germany and raising 2 kids.  As her inspiration, Sindhu lists Steve Jobs.  She is particularly inspired by his attention to detail, perfectionism, and involvement in the product lifecycle.

Currently, Sindhu is hard at work on SAP HANA Cloud Integration.  She considers integration processes to be the key differentiator for SAP Cloud solutions, and expects that in the future, SAP HANA Could will continue to support Ariba, SuccessFactors and others while cultivating a stand-alone cloud offering applicable for any type of cloud solution. In addition, customers can also expect a convergence of integration technologies to the cloud, and a common user experience.

"This SAP TechEd is going to be interesting because we're going into the next level of detail of detail of our new product SAP HANA Cloud Integration.  Last year, we announced the product.  This year, we will show it in action so customers will be able to come and take part in hands-on sessions.  (They will) get to touch the products, (which) will be unique.  I really hope that customers and partners will take advantage of this opportunity." Sindu Gangadharan

Meet Sindhu at SAP TechEd 2013 Las Vegas, and learn about SAP's integration strategy in her sessions: SAP HANA Cloud Integration – An Update from Product Development, SAP HANA Cloud Integration, and B2B Integration with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration and SAP HANA Cloud Integration.

Now for our weekly cool facts on the cities hosting SAP TechEd 2013:

Las Vegas - Camels were used as pack animals in Nevada as late as 1870.  With higher gas prices, don't be surprised if they make a comeback.

Amsterdam - If it’s museums you are looking for then Amsterdam is the place to visit because among all the cities in the world, it has the most Museums.

Bangalore - Bangalore has the highest number of software professionals in the world taking the first place from Osaka, Japan.

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Get to know Sindhu>

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