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SAP POS DM (SAP Point-of-Sale Data Management) effectively processes Retail Sales Transaction data. It can be easily made available to SAP NetWeaver BW based Reporting. SAP Provides standard BI Content extractor - POS Analytics: Retail Control (0RT_PA_TRAN_CONTROL) for the same.

In simple business terminology, a sales transaction means goods exchange interaction between store and customer which includes sales and/or returns. In addition to this there is also a payment or refund.

Below are some of the key components of a normal sales transaction at a Retail store –

  1. Transaction Header: It consists of Transaction date/time, Store code/description & Transaction number
  2. Transaction Item: It consists of Sales item information such as Qty sold/returned, Net Sales/return value, Markdowns/Discounts
  3. Transaction Tender: It consists of Tender type & Tender Value

Sample Representation based on a store receipt is shown below for easy understanding:

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