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Hi All,

As we know getting Message Mapping Documented is a tedious job many times. There are ways to get XIM files from the Message Mapping using Hidden Buttons like ctrl + shft + 0 in lower versions of PI and then convert it into spreadsheets. But these buttons are disabled from the PI versions like 7.11 or sometimes may face issues like authorizations etc.

In this article we will see the two simple ways to download message mapping from SAP PI to excel sheet.

This method is useful for the versions higher than SAP PI 7.11.

Method 1 --

1. Goto URL --> http://PIHOSTNAME:PORT/rep/support/SimpleQuery

2. Select your desired SWCV --


3. Once you select your SWCV, now scroll down the page and select Message Mapping under Define the Object type(s). Click on "refresh dependant values".


4. Now under Define the Query Conditions(s). Select condition --> NAME --> LIKE --> Provide your Map Name else you can also use wildcard entries too like "*"

and click on Start Query Button -


5. One object will be generated. Download the RAW file R in XML format


6. Now open this R.XML file in edit mode and get the value from the below tag and copy that in notepad with .zip format


        <tr:XiTrafo xmlns:tr="urn:sap-com:xi:mapping:xitrafo">


                <tr:blob type="zip" zipped="true">

7. After zipping file it gets encoded. Its time to decode this file now. Use any Base46 online free tools for this.

8. Once the file is encoded, extract a file by name "Value" from it. Again save it as .zip

9. Open Value file in winzip, you will get metadata file. You will see all the fields in this file

10. Get the jnlp tool to convert this metadata file into xsl file format

Testing -->

MM -


Excel Sheet -


Method 2 -

This method is really very simple and less time consuming too. One should have NWDS in the landscape to utilise this functionality.

1. Open NWDS

2. Connect to ESR objects (Windows --> Perspective --> ESR)

3. Right click on the required Message Mapping Program and Select option Export to Spreadsheet -


Testing -


Excel -


Thanks & Regards,

Rashmi Joshi

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