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Most of the times, we would like to know complete information about PSA tables to perform system cleaning and to keep space available for system performance as part or System Maintenance.

1)  First we need to find list of PSA tables available in BW system. To achieve this we need to go to DB02 Tcode first and select "Tables and Indexes" as shown given below.

2) Provide input as shown given below and hit enter.

3) You will get the information as shown given below.

4) Now perform sorting on size in descending order. Here we will get to know the PSA tables according to their size.

5) Now based on the table name, we can find the data source information.

Please go to SE11, provide PSA table name for which you want to find the Data Source Name as shown given below.

With this information, we can find the PSA table sizes and their data source names to take action further to keep system clean.

Hope this will help you.


Ravi K Chandragiri

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