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In this tutorial I will show one simple and short way how to use quickviews in FPM. In this example we want to see the name of the corresponding health insurance for its operation number in a list guibb.

1. Feeder Class

First of all we implement a corresponding feeder class which implements the interface if_fpm_guibb_qv_thing.

In the public section we define a global private variable for the text.
 DATA: BEGIN OF gs_data,
kktext TYPE p011_kktxt,
END OF gs_data.

Then we must fill the field catalog in the get_definition method:
METHOD if_fpm_guibb_qv_thing~get_definition.

eo_field_catalog = CAST #( cl_abap_structdescr=>describe_by_data( p_data = gs_data ) ).



At least we must fill the correct data for the quickview(get_data😞
METHOD if_fpm_guibb_qv_thing~get_data.

SELECT SINGLE kktxt FROM t5d11 INTO gs_data-kktext WHERE btrnr = iv_key AND endda >= sy-datum.
cs_data = gs_data.
ev_data_changed = abap_true.



2. Add a quickview in the list configuration

Now we musst add a quickview in our list guibb configuration

Then we have to configure our quickview:

After we have added a short text we have to select the package and, if needed, a transport request. Then we add our implemented feeder class for the quickview.

3. Quickview configuration

Now we cann configure our quickview in FLUID

Now we can save and go to our list guibb configuration

4. Add the quickview to the list

Fianally we have to add the quickview to the corresponding field in our list configuration


Now we are done 🙂


The result looks like this:

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