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WHAT-IF analysis means the study of how model output varies with changes in input.

Below are the simple steps, by using which you can create a Dashboard using WHAT-IF Analysis:-

1) First you have drag below component to Canvas:-

I) A Bar Chart

ii) A Pie Chart

iii) A Gauge

iv) A Panel Container which consists more than one Horizontal Slider

2) Come to Spreadsheet:-

3)  Properties of Bar Chart:-

4) Properties of Pie Chart:-

5) Properties of Horizontal slider:-

6) Properties of Gauge:-

7) After execution before changing WHATIF Analysis:-

😎 After changing vale of Pencil, the overall values are changes. Follow the Screenshot:

9) After changing all the values of Horizontal slider (Pencil/Pen/Bags/Books), follow the changes which shown in the below screenshot:-

Hope this helps....



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