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Hello People ,

Here is a document on simple reporting in dashboard 4 for beginners ,who are very much new to Dashboard Reporting Tool version 4.1

Here our source is BW System working on HANA database , we will be using the BICS(Business Intelligence Connectivity Services ) connection to consume the BEx Query created in BW on HANA  into our Dashboard Reporting Tool

Following are the steps :

Go to Start --> All Programs -->SAP Business Intelligence --> SAP Business Objects Dashboards 4 --> SAP Business Objects Dashboards

After Clicking  on  SAP Business Objects Dashboards then click on  blank model

    Dashboard's main screen will get open

   Click on file --> New

   Go to Query Browser --> Add Query

    Click on Add Query.

    Once you click on add query fill login credentials and then click ok.

You will find two options universe and BEx. As our source is BEx Queries from  BW on HANA  we will select  BEx and click on Next.

  Now select your username and click next.

You will find BW7.4 connection under connections and then click next

NOTE : This connection is already created , if not please contact the respective administrative team

   Now select the respective BEx query on which the reporting needs to be performed.

   Check the "Refresh Before Components Are Loaded "and click ok

   Go to Query Browser --> Select a particular dimension or measure and connect it with the spreadsheet ,by clicking on red arrow beside

   "Insert in Spreadsheet " and then Select the Range

    Now color the selected cell (it is not mandatory step , just for our reference so that we don't get confused ).

    Go to Components --> Select  Charts or Selectors as per requirement

   We have selected a simple Spreadsheet Table

    Select spreadsheet table chart

    Once you select spreadsheet chart drag and drop it.

Select that spreadsheet chart and click on preview button , you can view a very basic report

For End to End Scenario of Web Intelligence Reporting please find a link below :

End to End Scenario of SAP -BW on HANA-Web Intelligence Reporting

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